Sint Maarten can boast about many things but great roads and ample sidewalks are not among them! There are lots of ways to get around this little island, we hope to offer some insight and you can choose what is best for you!

Buying A Car or Motorcycle/Moped

A lot of students and families find it necessary to have motorized transportation while on the island. Grocery stores and bulk shopping are about a twenty-minute drive from campus, there are over 30 beautiful beaches scattered across the island and a car gives a family freedom to explore their new home and appreciate it for all its beauty. Many students and families leaving the island will sell their cars on the AUC Classifieds page. Locals will sell cars on the Buy, Sell, Trade SXM page. There are also a number of car and motorcycle dealerships on the island. Whatever you decide, make sure you have someone to check out anything used in person if you are not able to be on the island to purchase. Helmets are available on the island but can be pricey, it is recommended you bring one (or two) from home or order online and have it shipped.


The buses on Sint Maarten/Saint Martin are an effective and economical way to get around the island. They go between the French and the Dutch sides and go to all areas. They are $.50 per city you pass through per person and are usually air conditioned. Their routes are in the windshield, you can wait by the side of the road and wave one down as they pass. They will also stop where you want them to, regardless of there being a bus stop present, much to the chagrin of the cars behind them! There are however no schedules so make sure you have a way to call someone or money to hail a taxi if you have trouble getting a bus back. Also, make sure their license plate says "BUS" so you know you are getting into a safe and licensed bus.

Rental Cars

Rental Cars can be useful as a way to go get around the island and get errands and shopping done periodically without the continued cost of owning a car. We have had good experiences with the following car rental companies: