Shopping on the island is different from shopping in the states. There is nothing that compares to a Wal-Mart or Target here. You may need to visit multiple stores to get everything you need, but, you can find most everything you need here. The prices may be significantly higher than in the states, especially for dairy products, meats, and produce and you may find that produce does not last as long. The Grand Marche line of stores (Grand Marche, Le Gourmet Marche, Carrefour) often have a large range of American brands mixed with European brands. You will find that the European counterparts tend to be cheaper, though there are often sales at some of these grocery stores.

We recommend – for purchasing household products – to try the AUC Classifieds first or wait for the 5th Semester Sale that is held at the end of each semester. This is where the students who are leaving the island sell all of their household items to the AUC community and is held on-campus. This is a great opportunity to get household items for very cheap, saving you literally hundreds of dollars!



Le Grande Marche, in Philipsburg, offers a lot of American and International brands and standard grocery items like fresh produce, bread, milk, meats, and eggs. Their store in Cole Bay has been updated and changed over to Carrefour Market. There is a smaller version, Le Gourmet Marche - recently renamed Carrefour Express - located in Porto Cupecoy that close to campus.  They offer a shuttle service in the Cupecoy area that you can call from the guard shack. A small market resides just off campus and another Carrefour is being built in the Jordan Village complex.

Cost U Less is a bulk store similar to Costco. You can get lots of frozen food, pet food, snack items, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels and drinks for less than at the regular grocery stores. It is located in Phillipsburg after the roundabout, across from Le Grande Marche.

Super U is in the Howell Center in Marigot. They carry less American brands but lots of great French and European brands. They have great meat, produce and an amazing collection of cheeses, pates, terrines, and roulades.

Sunny Foods offers groceries at lower prices than some of the other supermarkets, they are tucked away on A.T. Illidge Road in Phillipsburg.

Shopping Around

There are many places to go shopping for clothes, shoes, and other items.

Marigot has a town center by the marina where many local vendors go to sell their wares. The street parallel to the waterfront hosts several restaurants and bakeries including the infamous Sarafina's. A few streets behind holds various clothing shops including Jennyfer, Pimkie, and Celio.

Grand Case is a wonderful place for fine dining restaurants. The lolos for lunch are a great way to experience local Caribbean cuisine by their pristine waters. During their Mardi Gras around January and February, they host a Tuesday street festival every Tuesday. It's definitely worth venturing out with some friends to watch the parade and walk around the table vendors.

Phillipsburg has numerous bars, restaurants, and shops on their boardwalk but just two streets over are some local shops that offer many clothes, shoes, and trinkets.