There are a few options when receiving packages to St. Maarten. They can be sent directly to the school at no cost to you through the United States Postal Service and will take weeks to arrive.  It is hard to send Internet purchases this way unless you have the option of sending them through the USPS. Fed Ex and UPS don't deliver to students at the school. You can also use the service of a freight forwarder and for a fee can have all of your mail and packages sent to a pre-assigned P.O. Box and then forwarded to you for a fee.  We recommend calling the vendor after ordering online and asking that they put everything in one box and as small as possible so it ends up costing you less.If ordering clothes or other soft items, ask if they can be sent in a plastic envelope as those will cost you less than a box.

How to Send a package to the AUC Campus:

American University of the Caribbean
Student's Name
1 University Drive at Jordan Rd
Cupecoy, St. Maarten

Four Star Cargo will forward your packages to St. Maarten to pick up at the airport. They charge by weight and dimension of the package and have an easy quote calculator right on their website so you have an idea what you will pay before you decide to ship something.

The Mailbox in Simpson Bay will give you a P.O. Box to send your mail and packages to and then you can pick up at their shop or they come to campus on Mondays and Thursdays. You get your first two pounds of mail included with your account but will be charged for anything over 2 pounds. They charge a lot for packages but you pay for the convenience of them delivering to the school. If you can pick up off campus, Four Star Cargo is a much cheaper option.